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Gov @GeraldoAlckmin_: Approve the bills against childhood obesity #SancionaAlckmin


We are closer than ever to a huge victory against childhood obesity.

On December 12th, 2012 the State Legislature in Sao Paulo (Alesp) - most populous State in Brazil - approved two new bills that deal with protecting children, their health and their right to healthful nutrition. One of the bills prohibits restaurants from selling toys or collectibles along with their meals. The other bill prohibits advertisement of unhealthy foods on radio and TV from 6am-9pm, and also in public or private schools.

The two bills are now waiting for the Governor of the State of Sao Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, to sanction them. And he has only until the end o January to do it.

If approved, these bills will raise the bar in the fight against childhood obesity. The State of Sao Paulo, with 41 million inhabitants, can set a new standard and serve as an example in protecting children in the fight against obesity.

Around 30% of all Brazilian children are now overweight and 15% obese. And even though 76% of Brazilian parents are in favor of some type regulation of advertisement directed to children, their is no legislation, nationwide, that regulates marketing to kids.

Governor Geraldo Alckmin has an unique opportunity to take matter in his own hands, and serve as an example to the world.

With only two signatures of Governor Geraldo Alckmin history can be made in Sao Paulo. Will you support us in this effort?

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