NYC Landlords Unite! Demand Property Tax Relief For Struggling Landlords.

NYC Landlords Unite! Demand Property Tax Relief For Struggling Landlords.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Garold Wilder

 This has been kicked around informally.. but we don't see any unified approach on the landlord side against tenants not paying their rent. We all know that there are tenants that can pay their rent, many of whom are getting severance, all of whom are getting stimulus checks and increased unemployment. They aren't paying, because govt encourages that behavior. A responsible landlord can and will work something out with the tenant, but the govt doesn't give the landlord any tools to do so.. instead, they align with the tenants and that becomes a blanket rule, so any tenants that can pay, now won't. Completely disgusting behavior, not to mention illegal and unconstitutional. Go read up on Amendment 5 and 14.. what happened to due process?

Property Tax Relief

We organize a movement to strike against taxes (all property owners included). The sheer threat will put fear in them. Taxes are what pays for politicians salaries, any/all programs and housing for those that can't afford. If they don't choose to pay ANY rent, then why should we pay taxes? There are a myriad of alternatives that can be proposed.. yet not ONE of them is on the table. Their agenda from day 1 (regardless of pandemic) was to take from the property owners. Look at what that Ilham Omar is proposing.. rent foregiveness for 1 yr. If you dare attempt to collect from the relief fund, you have to give your tenant 10% equity in your property. How is this even being proposed? It's absolutely ludicrous.

The Ripple Effect:
Landlords are trying to save money by letting go of they're workforce to survive. Maintinence is slowing down causing unhabitable conditions for tenants, simply because the landlord has no money to fix the issues.

NYC Landlords Unite 



9,796 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!