Save Indian Point's Clean Power!

Save Indian Point's Clean Power!

March 30, 2020
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This petition made change with 11,163 supporters!

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Started by Keith Rodan

Dear Governor Hochul,

More than 11 thousand supporters of Indian Point’s clean power have signed this petition to date to keep this facility's reliable, safe and energy-dense source of electricity in operation for downstate New York. It has supplied 25% of NYC’s demand since the 1970’s, until it was vilified, and unnecessarily shut down for decommissioning by Andrew Cuomo this past April, 2021.  Despite this, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), one of the strictest U.S. agencies, had approved a relicensing of Indian Point for an additional 4-5 years and beyond, in recognition of the plant’s safety and durability.

As you know, we are in a climate emergency, and an estimated tens of millions of tons of CO2 and leaked methane each year will poison NY State’s atmosphere and that of our planet, as greenhouse gas emissions from as many as 9 gas-fired power plants are currently replacing Indian Point.

It is therefore imperative that we ask you to take whatever steps necessary to halt the decommissioning and restart Indian Point to restore its clean power. In doing so, you will fulfill New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) mandate that Gov. Cuomo violated when he allowed a fossil-fuel takeover – one that opened the floodgates for a massive, yet environmentally-harmful and expensive wind, solar, battery and grid update infrastructure program.  

Despite its promise of adding new jobs, Cuomo’s REV Plan, (Reforming the Energy Vision) involves industrializing many square miles of land, much of it agricultural, residential, as well as a habitat for wildlife and endangered species. The takeover will be for intermittent, low-energy ‘renewable’ installations that require many times the energy and materials to construct, yet with less than half the life-expectancies of a nuclear plant, and in addition, leaving a serious waste footprint when recycled. (Note that Indian Point's 2060 Megawatts equalled ALL of NY's current wind and solar output, and was produced on less than 1 square mile of land, compared with hundreds of square miles needed by solar and wind.)

Gov. Hochul, let these more than eleven thousand supporters who signed the petition to Gov. Cuomo now ask YOU to take necessary steps as the New York’s chief executive to return the Indian Point nuclear facility to its full power before it’s too late.

Messages to you in support of this action to save Indian Point will be forthcoming from scientists, engineers, local politicians and legislators, as well as environmentalists and entrepreneurs in technological fields.  With sincere thanks, we believe you will give all of these the fair attention and consideration  they deserve. 


This petition made change with 11,163 supporters!

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