Enforce puppy mill law

Enforce puppy mill law

July 8, 2014
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Started by Kim Baxter

Marjorie’s Kennel is a breeder that has been repeatedly cited for violating the law and is listed as one of the 101 worst puppy mills in the country by the Humane Society. Many of the dogs either end up euthanized or having to be rescued. We are asking the Gov. Cuomo and New York Agriculture Commissioner, Richard A. Ball, to enforce Charlemagne's Law, a statute ensuring the health and care of dogs by licensed breeders. They can start with the closing of Marjorie’s Kennel.    

Some of the repeated violations included: pens with broken concrete, no protection from heat or cold when outside, puppies injured by heat lamps when brought inside, and dogs with injuries being forced to continually bear litters. The owners make accommodations, pass inspection, and then are cited again for similar things upon additional inspections.

While we have been waiting for the New York Department of Agriculture to act, Keeshond Rescue has been working over the last 8 months to get justice and safety for these dogs. Keeshond Rescue has acquired 60 of the dogs, but there are still many more and they continue to be used to breed. The resulting puppies often have severe medical and behavioral issues. They are then sold across the country, often to unsuspecting families who end up facing emotional and financial costs.

Puppy mills are everyone’s problem. Together we must demand states enforce their laws preventing breeders from abusing animals and punishing those who do. We can start with New York. Please sign our petition calling on Gov. Cuomo and Commissioner Ball to enforce Charlemagne’s Law starting with the closure of Marjorie’s Kennel. Thank you.

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This petition had 228,939 supporters

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