All NYS Regents exams should be cancelled or rescheduled for June 2020

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With the closings of many New York State school districts due to the coronavirus, we are now in uncharted territory. We have seniors set to graduate in June 2020 who are missing out on the education that other districts within the state are receiving. These seniors, and all other students due to take any Regents exams in June are now at a disadvantage when those tests come around. I am creating this petition to push Gov. Cuomo and the Department of Education to start discussing a way to even the playing fields so to speak. Regents exams scheduled for June 2020 should be cancelled (or at the very least rescheduled) and all students due to take those tests should receive an automatic passing grade so that this global pandemic does not effect their ability to graduate. Please, sign and share so we can get this moving as soon as possible so we can see these wishes come true and our students not be penalized for something far beyond their control.