White Roads in Québec to Help Fight Against Global Warming!

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Adding a layer of white paint to our roads will partially reflect the sun's heat from being absorbed into the asphalt! In turn, this will help fight against global warming! This of course, is only step one in our long, overdue fight against human-invoked damage. Although, I truly believe that one city at a time, we can help save the entire planet. This cooling technique can reduce the overall temperature of the area by 5.55 degrees Celsius. To give you an idea, Los Angeles has begun the project and expects to cool the entire city by at least 1.67 degrees Celsius within the next 20 years.

Sea levels are rising rapidly, glaciers are melting, our planet is becoming dangerously hot. In result, beautiful animals in the North are dying off, people in hot countries are literally dying of heat, and the most powerful people who can actually make a difference if they just paid attention, ARE DENYING ALL OF THIS. We as a community need to speak up and make a difference TOGETHER.

I have considered not having children because I don't want to bring a human into this deteriorating world. I want my child to have a safe, and good quality life. And this is the best way I can think of to begin a movement that takes us a step in the right direction. 

Now, painting the streets white could be a little pricey, costing approximately 40,000$ per 1.6km, BUT for those of you who know about the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline... This horrible expansion from Alberta to B.C. will cost 7.4 BILLION DOLLARS! If this is approved, a portion of this is coming out of OUR TAX MONEY. Imagine if we put all of that money towards bettering our Country? All I'm asking is that we help the Gouvernement du Québec (government of Québec) and le Ministre de l'Environnement et du Changement Climatique (the Minister of Environment and Climate Change) see how beneficial it would be to do this. 

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Thank you :)

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