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In July, Goucher College launched an Administrative Services Review that evaluated all non-faculty positions. The goal of the review was to restructure and eliminate positions at the institution. The positions that were deemed unnecessary were discarded. 

The jobs of Kay Beard and Peejo Sehr were two that were considered to not fit the school’s mission. Peejo is the director of the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and Kay is the assistant director. The loss of these positions will also include the loss of Lucy, a greeter dog that works at ACE, which is a support center on campus. ACE provides academic coaches who meet with and provide support to students. ACE also provides students with many workshops. Kay and Peejo have been laid off and will be replaced with a new director. The school also wants to combine what ACE does with pre-major academic advising. These advisors are not trained like the coaches at ACE. They will not be able to offer the same support and expertise that Kay and Peejo have for many years.

The support that both Kay and Peejo give is indescribable. There are too many amazing qualities to list. My first semester at Goucher, I had a massive panic attack and when I went to the counseling center to seek help, they did nothing. ACE helped me. They calmed me down. They helped me through a tough time. Kay and Peejo have always been there for me, so now when they need help, I will be there for them.

The goal of this petition is to stop the restructuring of ACE. We also demand that Kay Beard and Peejo Sehr are reinstated to the old positions or are given new positions of equal or better value. It is unbelievable that the administration has decided that Kay and Peejo’s jobs are not valuable to the school. We, the students, faculty, staff, family members, and alumni who have signed this petition wholeheartedly disagree with Goucher’s decision to terminate their substantial roles. Kay and Peejo are the heart of Goucher. Goucher’s mission is to promote student’s success, and that cannot be done without Kay Beard and Peejo Sehr.

Emily Belkowitz
1 year ago