Have you been betrayed by GOTOGATE and Aegean Airlines...

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Both Gotogate and Aegean airlines have cheated us, I burchased a ticket for my wife and child to travel from Istanbul to Cairo. I was redirected by skyscanner to buy tickets from gotogate. On the date of travel the ground attendats prevented my child from traveling claiming that he needs a visa to Egypt while my wife does not ... !!!

I tried to talk to the Aegean airline ground attendant but he refused, my wife could noy leave my child alone and could not travel niether. Akll attempts to reach both Gotogate and Aegean airline went into vain. the only reply I got is an automated reply that they will come back to me ... !!

I bought thickets for the day after from Egypt Air which was fine, their treament was excellent and my family traveled with no problem. Yet we need to use the return ticket issued by Aegean Airline but they replied that we cannot use it because one segement was not used so the whole ticket is lost ... !!!

If you have suffered from the actions of this company or you stand by our complaints and want to support this, then I implore you to register your support by signing this petition and by forwarding to others who may have suffered the same sort of indignity. 

Frankly I think Gotogate and Agean Airline should be avoided ... be careful when you buy through the online tickets ...