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Read about and evoke on Harvey Milk, the film, ‘Milk’ the LGBT cause   :)  

Finally, seeing the film, it was well worth the wait; especially since I didn’t think I’d get to- a classic, one of the greatest films ever made, Milk, with Sean Penn, was breathtaking in its humanity, as well as heart wrenching in its closing tragedy- while, not forgetting, universally uplifting, actuating, in its transcendent appeal and timeliness.  I was so pleased that it surpassed the activist/advocate genre, though, how could it not with an actor of his magnitude playing the role; honoring a life of Harvey Milk’s magnitude. 

One thing I was surprise by was the political analysis of Harvey’s, portrayed in the film, concerning struggling with “the machine”; struggling with inner and outer fear, being oneself, true-self, real, genuine, authentic, original living, politics, etc., as opposed to the sociologically programmed parameters of the false paradigm of ‘normalcy’, conformity and maintenance of the status quo- through scarcity based systems engineering and management.  We see this in the horror genre, especially its early literature, like Mary‘s ‘Frankenstein’, etc., the 1950’s, and on, sci-fi novels, movies, etc..  Though, those same genres now have, at least, a doubled edge sword, struggling with, while also projecting, a differing conformity. 

Of course, some of the clichés of import in the film, like ‘us vs. them’, have lost realism over time; as that cliché is now ‘used’, predominantly, by the remocratic conspiracy to divide and conquer, centralizing, in ever increasingly cyclical patterns, the personally abdicated power of the many to the US, they ‘use’ to further divide an conquer, scapegoat, demonize, etc., the ‘them’- replicating parts of the machine replicating the machine, albeit, with ever changing garb, smokescreens, song and dance, smoke and mirrors. 

Is this the case with “Don’t ask, don’t tell”, which should be replaced with don’t ask, it’s okay to tell.  Is this issue, like others involved in the Gay and Lesbian human rights struggles, just being ‘used’ by political candidates, like Barack, as the Keith show, and the Rachel show, on MSNBC, suggests; I think so.  This doesn’t mean his administration won’t be ‘helped’ to come across with their campaign promises, and “fierce convictions“; it does mean that it’s up to you, me, and, hopefully, “we,…”, to “make it so”. 

My only criticism could be, if it were one-half hour longer, filled with more, and deeper, characterization, it would have been an epic, one of the truly best films ever made.



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