Oppose Gores 39 metre high neon lit cycling bridge in a semi rural setting

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In the small rural Southland town of Gore, the local District Council intend to build a 90 metre long pedestrian/cycle bridge across the Mataura River with a 39 metre high tower illuminated by lights. The adverse environmental impact of a bridge on the valley and local residents will be devastating. The planned location of this city like structure in a semi rural setting is totally out of character. To put the height of this tower into perspective, the Sergeant Dan chimney is 28 metres high. So the tower will be almost one and a half times as tall. It will be visible to all Gore residents whose view looks down on the river during the day and the night.

The Gore District Councils urgency to push this through without due consultation with the public and rate payers was secretly addressed in December and April when they voted "in committee". This is not Auckland. A bridge detracts from our beautiful scenery and wonderful river.

It is proposed that half of the funding for a bridge will come from a LTSA/Transit subsidy, which is based upon the doubtful premise that there are a lot of people in our community that want to bike over it.

In the Council's letter to Huron street Residents the Council says " and laying a new pipeline across the Mataura River". No mention of a bridge! This is simply deceptive and totally unacceptable on the part of the Council. Rate payers have been misled.

There are other options available such as restrengthening our existing traffic bridge and attaching a clip-on to carry the water & sewage pipes across the river, or alternative bridge locations which will not severely impact land owners but the Council have chosen to bypass the ratepayers in the initial design, location and planning of this project. The most direct route for the pipeline is not selected because LTSA/Transit will not assist with funding a bridge along that route. The Council has already purchased land and negotiated easements in the expectation that their proposal will be "rubber stamped'. In this context using "emergency powers" is questionable at the very least.

Come on Gore District Councillors, do what you are elected to do and represent the people who elected you, and consult them on the solutions to the districts water problems.

Sign the petition, we want to retain the stunning, natural water and mountain views that draw so many tourists to our little town but address our water issues in a manner which retains those values.