Stop aerial herbicide spray in Victoria Harbour, Kings County

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Nova Scotia Environment Department has issued three new approvals for aerial spraying of herbicide (glyphosate which is carcinogenic) that will cover 1,498 wooded hectares, primarily in Cumberland County, along with limited sprays in Annapolis, Kings, Hants and Colchester counties.

One of the locations is Victoria Harbour, Kings County not far from my home the Bay of Fundy, several streams and home of the diverse eco system of Acadian forest. Herbicide application impacts our water shed and all vegetation on contact.  Forestry companies aerial spray herbicide to create a monoculture of softwoods to maximize their profits at the expense of our health and future. Put our planet before profits!

Sign this petition to let our Municipality of the County of Kings, Gordon Wilson - Minister of Environment and NS legislature know we are against aerial spray of herbicide in Victoria Harbour, Nova Scotia!

In addition to this local petition please check out the following link for more information and to support banning aerial spraying of herbicide in Nova Scotia.