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Continue the process for my law, sexual assault by fraud, A3908

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I was egregiously lied to by William Allen Jordan from 2013 to 2014.  I built a case and had him arrested for sexual assault by coersion, theft by deception and impersonating a government official.  However, the grand jury threw out the sexual assault charge which would have given Jordan 10 years in prison and reduced it to a measly 2-5 years of which he will be lucky to serve 50% to get out and reoffend. I am working with Assemblyman Troy Singleton on getting this bill tweaked to where it will please as many constituents as possible while prosecuting people who lie about every facet of their being in order to bed someone.  The psychological effects of sex by fraud are akin to that of traumatic rape in terms of nightmares, trust issues, anxiety, depression, inability to form meaningful relationships, PTSD and intimacy issues. 

The full language of the bill can be viewed here.

My story was featured on the DIscovery Channel, Dateline NBC and other interview offers keep pouring in.  I am going to continue to bring awareness that it's NEVER acceptable to lie to bed someone.  One white lies turns into another and turns into another.  Be honest with your partner.  I know that I would have never engaged in sexual relationship with William Allen Jordan given his past as a bigamist, pedophile and con artist with over 15 victims and 13 kids in his wake. He lied to me about his name, age, upbringing, job - EVERYTHING! People like him need to be prosecuted and kept away from society to prevent future victims from occurring. Five other states (California, Colorado, Alabama, Tennessee and Montana have similar laws with New York and Massachusettes looking at laws as well.  This is not a new concept, but I am just trying to bring it to my home state where I was a victim.  Please sign this petition so that this law doesn't get bogged down in the judicial committee and that they realize that there is national support for this law.  You don't have to be a resident of New Jersey to sign and be sure to pass it onto your friends and families!

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