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The best way to send a Cake To India!

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All over the world, cakes are synonymous with festivals, celebrations and special occasions like birthdays. In India, it is tradition for relatives and friends to sweeten a loved ones birthday with some form of sweet, therefore, birthdays are often graced with an abundance of sweets, in addition to all the sweets that are prepared in almost all Indian homes for the special birthday boy or girl. While almost everyone enjoy and indulge their inborn sweet tooth, many tend to crave something different after an absolute overdose of famous Indian mithaais.

Cakes and birthdays go hand in hand, and no birthday is complete without a cake cutting event. Cakes tend to complete every birthday and can bring a fresh change from the monotony of mithaais. Gifting a cake to a loved one on their birthday has become a very trendy way to send a birthday gift and the popularity of online gifting has made online cake gifting websites one of the most convenient ways to send a birthday cake and get it delivered to the doorstep of a loved one.

Though there are a million websites to choose from, the web portal CakeToIndia is by far the best! The website offers an array of freshly baked regular and seasonal flavoured cakes, in myriad shapes, décor and sizes. Moreover, it provides one with convenient online payment options as well as a choice of delivering the cake anytime. The website has a variety of cakes and one can easily choose the type of cake, flavour, shape and size and get it customized according to requirement.

With the amount of flavours that are available, one can actually be spoilt for choice. Flavours ranging from chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, coffee, truffle, black forest, fresh fruit cakes like strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, mixed fruit, etc. are available along with choices such as single tier and double tier cakes. Cakes can also be personalized with photo-prints. A customized message can be added for the intended recipient. All this can be done within the comforts of your home, and at the click of a button.

The best part about ordering a cake from CakeToIndia is that all the cakes are freshly baked and get delivered on the time chosen. Moreover, one also has the option to get a cake delivered at midnight – a perfect surprising start to a loved ones birthday.

For those who have to spend their loved ones birthday without being near them, away and out of the country on a prior commitment, ordering a cake online offers the flexibility of making the cake delivery special by sending it as a surprise gift while out of the country. These cakes can be sent across anywhere in the country, to more than 500 Indian cities. However, the biggest comfort one can avail from ordering birthday cakes online is the fact that the entire hassle of with buying a cake, and carrying it, while ensuring that it is delivered in perfect condition, without and squished portions or smudged corners, is taken care of, and a perfect cake is delivered every time.

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