Google: To launch all Google products & services in India

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Subject: Petition to request Google to launch All Google products & services in India as Google ignoring this 16% of world population.

Dear Readers,

We love Google products since We have learned to be online. This process started from search internet with "Google Search" & now using latest tech by Google as Android, Hardware devices & other Web Services. I hope this process will continue for many years to come.

But now, We know Google is not doing enough for the fans in our country "India" , Google have yet to launch all the hardware products & all the pure software tech exclusive only to some of the World.Now the time has come when tech are outdated very fast, So giving products after they are outdated is worst than no products at all.That is the same case now as Google started selling Nexus 7 to India. Also started Movies & Books Store Lately but many services are still away from reach.

So We should start this petition that either Google start offering all product lineup in India or We can Stop using Google Products at All.

Now few of you will say " How is it possible to get out of Half offered Google Lineup".
Let me suggest that most of Google Products have alternative :

Few Examples :
1. Gmail :-> Multiple free alternatives , Also Outlook ( I also don't like M$ So much), But anyway many are there.
2. Android :-> Use Stock OS given by Manufacturer with blocking all Google products in this like changing search with yahoo etc.
3. Play Store:-> Use Manufacturer Store or Amazon as present wherever.
4. Google+ :-> Facebook or many other Social Sites.

Just as these were few alternatives.

We can show Google that its not easy to ignore 1.3 Billion People of the World. That is insane. Let them Face little heat too.


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