Tamil Nadu needs to close colleges due to COVID- 19 Do You agree?

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 Sir ,

As we know Corona Virus is being spread in most of the parts of India and in Tamil Nadu itself there are some major cases including one death and in many other states we have seen that the colleges ,schools were given holidays.

So we want our colleges should also be closed atleast till 31st march. Sir many other states have closed many malls , schools, colleges,  so we people want please close our college. and as of now colleges in Tamil Nadu had bannned college fest and even IIT Madras banned its 2020 Mechanica  so including all these i just want to say sir when all colleges are banning all these why dont college's in Tamil Nadu give us  holidays 

It would be  good for us cause while coming to college's mang people are falling ill too taking all the points  we want that holidays atleast till 31st March