Support BioTSptech to accelerate stem cells treatments for critical diseases

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What if research into new drugs and treatments for incurable diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy could be accelerated so that promising medication becomes available years earlier. BioTSptech system will be used to accurately monitor the health and general characteristics of cells grown ex vivo, and in so doing the system will enable biomedical companies to answer the key business needs of the regenerative medicine industry. The biomedical industry urgently needs to be reimagined. We must look to make Scotland a champion of stem cell manufacturing technologies and regenerative medicine.We must look at how we can transform our health service through innovation. That must include support and encouragement for the biomedical industry as there are many exciting opportunities for stem cell technology to improve people’s lives.

An example : Alfie's family and the society is losing the battle of curing critical diseases for the lack of support of innovative methods in regenerative medicine. BioTSptech technology is proposing to accelerate the commercialisation of sensors to monitor and diagnose in real-time treatments and therapies a cost-effective reducing the budget to NHS , and indirectly Alfie could buy more time letting the clinicians to find out the treatment to repair damaged tissues.

Please support us financially  to develop those sensors that the industry desperately need at cost -efficient , real time and non destructive  to accelerate drugs discovery in critical diseases.



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