Stop YouTube From Deleting our WORK over Fake Claims

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In this time of social upheaval, political hostility and divisive fake news, anyone with enough ill intent can get you banned without justification and censored into silence. Out of spite, it's very easy to undue years of cyber activism with just a few clicks, false emails and bogus copyright claims that have no real legal basis. Powerful companies like YouTube should bear that in mind before rushing to delete our work. We take hours to film, edit and upload because we believe independent creators have a lot to add to society. We are the artists, the indie film makers, the social commentators, the aspiring dreamers with a desire to share with others. Even if we don't have millions of subscribers, thousands of real people connect with us. Like other "YouTubers" before me, hundreds of my videos are about to be unfairly deleted when I've done nothing wrong, in fact, I've been bullied, stalked and harassed online. As a recent Congressional candidate, I got plenty of death threats pressuring me to shut up. Despite the haters, I continue to promote love, respect & tolerance. Please sign and share with your friends on social media so YouTube does not arbitrarily delete our humble channel or anyone else's, all cause a few trolls want us censored.