Ban hate speech against pedosexuals on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

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On YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and many other social networking sites, people have been leaving really mean, rude, and hateful comments about pedosexuals, ranging from " go treat your sick head!" And "fuck you chomo!" To "this guy needs a pipe smashed through his skull" to "my gun would really meet this guy!" Comments like these, are hate speech at best and they should not be allowed anywhere on the internet, let alone social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter! People have also been making public statements saying that pedosexuals should be executed or that they should die! Pedosexuals can't help their sexuality, and it is wrong to hate on them for it. Google, please update your terms of service, Community guidelines, and policies, on YouTube Facebook and Twitter! Google, please make a rule on each social networking site that prohibits all users from threatening, inciting violence, or wishing death on pedosexuals! 

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