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Stop Censorship on Youtube!

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YouTube updated their rules awhile ago to include some revisions that went mostly unnoticed. Most of these updates were of little concern to most content creators, that is except for these two edits

Inappropriate language, including harassment, profanity and vulgar language

Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown

These changes blatantly violate the free speech of content creators who rely on YouTube to pay their rent. These people are out of a job if their videos are demonetized! Take, for instance, Philip DeFranco. He is a YouTuber who reports on real world events as well as drama on YouTube. Recently, he posted this video which explains that YouTube is demonetizing many of his videos. He makes a comment during this video saying that it looks like youtube is trying to push some people off the site simply because they are not ad friendly

This is censorship, and Philip is not the only one affected by it. Many YouTubers, smaller and bigger, have and will be affected by this. This will shake the community, forcing content creators to water down their content simply to continue making money off their videos.

People rely on YouTube to pay for the rent and livelihoods of themselves and their families. Just because someone curses in a video or expresses an unpopular opinion doesn't mean they should be denied the right to make money and speak freely.

YouTube has always been a source for unbiased, unfiltered, and free speech. This movement seems to be attempting to change that and create a community of content creators scared to speak their minds simply because doing so could ruin their careers and leave them and their families with no "ad friendly" videos and no income.

We cannot ignore this issue as viewers, nor as content creators. As viewers, we must realize the position this puts our favorite content creators in; either be fake and censor their videos to pay their wages, not allowing for unpopular opinions, or to go against the flow of ad rules and risk losing the money they make. As content creators, you must realize and assess the threat of this to your channel, as it may make your livelihood fall to shreds in front of you. 

If you want the internet to remain a place for free and open speech, please sign this petition. Share it with others. Because this has to get out there. We cannot sit back and hope everything fixes itself anymore, because it wont. We must bring about change where change is needed. Speak out on this issue!

Thank you for signing, and please have a wonderful day.


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