Google & Bing: STOP BLOCKING LOW DRUG PRICES! Don't let Big Pharma control search results.

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A lawsuit alleges that Google and Microsoft's Bing have let Big Pharma front groups strategically suppress and manipulate search results, limiting Americans' access to information about more affordable drugs and lower cost pharmacies, such as those located in Canada.

People deserve unbiased, unfiltered access to safe, affordable medication.

Tell Google and Bing not to let Big Pharma dictate your search results for drug prices and safe online pharmacies. Take your wallet and health out of the hands of Big Pharma. Together, we can #stopbigpharma.

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Things have gotten worse in recent weeks:

  • The top search results for “online pharmacies” on Google had been a listing of safe online pharmacies selling brand name medications at prices often 80-90% lower than those in the United States. Now, these results are buried pages down, virtually out of sight since March 12th. These medications are far more affordable because they are sold at licensed pharmacies in Canada and other countries where drug prices are lower. These safe online pharmacies have been independently verified by experts at a reputable U.S. website,
  • On July 20, 2019, Microsoft’s Bing started placing pop-up warnings over search results for Why? Because, as alleged in the lawsuit, groups funded by the pharmaceutical industry told them to. There is nothing dangerous about information from PharmacyChecker – unless you’re a drug company wanting to keep Americans paying the highest drug prices in the world.

To end these anti-competitive practices, has filed a lawsuit charging a conspiracy among several groups allied with Big Pharma, and the company is requesting a preliminary injunction to bring immediate relief. But this conspiracy doesn’t have to stop you from accessing pharmacy and price information from And it can’t stop you from signing a petition telling Google and Bing not to let Big Pharma dictate the drug prices and pharmacies you get to see! 

To: Google CEO Pichai Sundararajan and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella
As alleged in a recent lawsuit, your companies have let groups funded by Big Pharma strategically suppress and manipulate search results in Google and Bing, limiting consumer access to information about more affordable drugs and lower cost pharmacies, such as those from Canada. This needs to stop.
Google and Bing have specifically begun to suppress information from, a lawful U.S. company that helps Americans find safe and affordable medication from licensed pharmacies. Its webpages previously ranked highly in your search engines because of its trustworthiness. But you have been fed misinformation by programs funded by pharmaceutical companies that don’t approve of PharmacyChecker because it accredits licensed pharmacies outside the U.S.
You can stop this censorship now. Your actions are driving consumers into the hands of Big Pharma or rogue pharmacy sites, preventing Americans from safely finding affordable medication.