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Sicilian for Google Translate

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 Sicilian is one of the most spoken southern languages in Italy. With five million speakers and counting, Sicilian is in desperate need of an official writing system, since certain words can be spelled differently in dialects of Sicilian.  Even UNESCO recognizes Sicilian as it's own language, and rather not a dialect of Italian. A topic of debate.

Sicilian is most prominent in the region of Sicily; a southern Italian region. "U Sicilianu"(Sicilian), has been prominent also in regions of northern Italy, The United States of America, and other regions of the world with a large populace of Sicilian speakers. Sicilian has been regarded for the language spoken in "The Godfather", a famous American movie made about the Cosa Nostra in the early and mid 20th century. (Though one could say an american trying to speak Sicilian is the funniest thing to hear). 

Being of Sicilian descent, the language is a barrier between Italians and Sicilians.  A person who would speak the "dialettu ri Paliemmu", or the dialect from Palermo, a typical Italian would simply not understand. Thus why having a system of words and phrases for these speakers to translate and be able to understand a Sicilian, is necessary. 

Even in America, people who find themselves to learn Italian cannot fathom the confusing dialect of Sicilian. With the blended words from Arabic, Spanish, and French, the language will come as near gibberish to a native English speaker. Having the ability to hear a decent translation is necessary.

As a young kid, I found it hard to learn English from decent translations back to Sicilian. One time my teacher actually had to call my parents because she didn't understand what I was saying to her in English. Nonetheless, experiencing this event as a kid has led myself to want to make this so that people don't go through what I went through. 

To combine the most common words and phrases used in everyday speech and writing in all the Sicilian dialects, there can be a way to bring a formal writing pattern to translate in google. No more mistakes with the proper way of writing. 

Addiu e grazzii a tutti! 

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