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According to the Environmental Investigation Agency (March 4 2013), Google is facilitating the trade in illegal ivory. 35,000 elephants are killed every year for their tusks - and Google is helping the illegal trade by not policing its own policies. Mr Page and Mr Brin - be responsible corporate citizens, follow your own policies, remove any advertisments for illegal products. On time, every time.

The News Article on the Environmental Investigation Agency website:
Google Promotes Online Sales of Elephant and Whale Products

Note: The author of this petition is not associated with EiA.

Google Policies
"Google has laudable policies that prohibit the promotion of endangered wildlife products including whale, dolphin and elephant ivory, but sadly these are not being enforced and that’s devastating for whales and elephants,” said EIA President Allan Thornton. “While elephants are being mass slaughtered across Africa to produce ivory trinkets, it is shocking to discover that Google, with the massive resources it has at its disposal, is failing to enforce its own policies designed to help protect endangered elephants and whales.”

EiA stated "An estimated 35,000 African elephants are now being illegally killed for their tusks each year.

A search for elephant products yields around 10,000 ads on Google Japan’s Shopping site promoting elephant ivory for sale. About 80 per cent of the elephant ivory ads are for ‘hanko’, Japanese name seals used to affix signatures to documents. Hanko sales, a major demand-driver for elephant ivory, have contributed to the wide-scale resumption of elephant poaching across Africa."

"Clare Perry, head of EIA’s Cetaceans Campaign, said: “Google Japan Shopping is promoting the sale of a huge variety of products from threatened and endangered whale species.  These range from endangered fin whales killed in Iceland to products taken from animals killed off Taiji, where the infamous dolphin kills featured in the Oscar-winning film The Cove take place. Google must immediately eliminate all such trade.”

Letter to
Co-Founder, Assistant Secretary, Director Sergey Brin
Co-Founder, Assistant Secretary, Director Larry Page
Shut Down Online Ivory and Whale Sales
Dear Messers Page and Brin

The news out on March 4th 2013 from the Environmental Investigation Agency that Google allows the sale of thousands of ivory products on your sites in Asia is appalling. Not only may it be in contravention of international law (if the source of the ivory is illegal) - it is also against your own policies.

35,000 elephants a year are killed for ivory each year, that is one hundred a day - At a current dwindling population of just 370,000 Africa's elephants will be extinct by 2023 if the killing continues, while African nations and the world has its focus on trying to stop the trade, Google is facilitating it.

In addition Google Japan Shopping is promoting the sale of a huge variety of whale products from threatened and endangered whale species - trading in the body parts of endangered species, profiting from the trade is wrong.

Please shut down and remove all entries on any google owned or affiliate site promoting sale of ivory or whale products.

For the sake of elephants and whales,