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YouTube Recently updated its rules and regulations which are requirwd to be followed in order to be eligble to display advertisments on your YouTube Videos many people do hard work and post their content in the same vue, earlier you could be approvwd for the monetrization program if you had over 10,000 views on your channel howver now google has updated that to be at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of view time which is IMPOSSIBLE for NEW VLOGGERS AND EVEN SOMETIMES FOR ESTABLISHED ONES. THEY HAVE JUST CAUSED A MAJOR DISCOURAGEMENT TO YOUTUBERS AND THIS HAS AFFECTED THE EFFORTS OF YOUTUBERS IN BEING ABLE TO MONETIZE THERE CONTENT.

We understand that they did this for obvious reasons but that does not mean that induvisual freelancers who are trying to be a professional youtuber are discouraged with such policies and loose the hope as the sudden change of rules with a one month notice is insanely unacceptable and nothing but discouragement and waste of several youtubers efforts. In one month it is not possible to get 1000 subscribers as this was not the policy before makng it impossible for new corners.

This needs to be reversed or they should provide at least 6 months for all channels that were apprived earlier to follow this guideline instead of cancelling there monetrization rights.

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