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Remove Pro Hitler Apps from the Google Play Store

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My name is Rose, and I’m proud of my Jewish heritage. My grandparents on both my mother and father’s side were killed by Nazis in Poland, and my parents and older sister were imprisoned in a Siberian labor camp. They were able to escape Hitler’s murderous rampage, and after the war, I was born in Austria. My family eventually landed safely in the US.

That’s why I was appalled to learn that Google Play, the app store for Android products, sells an abundance of anti-semitic apps, including one called “Infamous Adolf Hitler Quotes,” which tells you to “download this app today and enjoy the inspiration of Adolf Hitler on your phone!”

There’s another app in Arabic called “Hitler’s Sayings,” which lets people read what it calls Hitler’s “beautiful sayings that we could benefit from in our lives” – sayings like, “Jews are like mosquitoes that suck our blood."

I was shocked to see such offensive and clearly anti-semitic apps available on Google app store. As a person who lost much of her family to the Holocaust, not only are these apps offensive, but they also provide a forum for white supremacists to voice their hatred. Here are just some of the awful comments on the “Infamous Adolf Hitler Quotes” app:

“shld come bk n do the muslims !!”
“This is awesome, the words of a truly great man and hero. It's really good if you need inspiration, or need to educate others about Hitler's true beliefs.”
“Makes me proud to be of Aryan German decent”
“Great app. Heil mien fuhrer.”
“Love the app, Love Hitler.”
“This app so great n usefull.. I [want] to see how the hitler kills all of yahudi people..”
“If hitlers actions were so bad why dont we condemn or imprison modern leaders like Bush and all juden who are responible for millions of dead much more than hitler. Long live his memory . I only wish that someone would finish what he started.”
“I have read Mein Kampf twice. This is the most wonderful work of Adolf Hitler. No matter he lost the war, but no one remembers Churchill, or Stalin, or Roosevelt, the way we remember Hitler. Hitler was not an individual, but a movement...”

Hitler killed members of my family and millions of other Jews across Europe. His legacy of hatred should be remembered only so that it may never be repeated – not celebrated with an app that allows white supremacists to mimic it. Please sign this petition to join me in asking Google to remove apps that promote and celebrate the words of one of the world’s most notorious murderers.

Here’s more information on the apps:

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