Petition for Youtube to fix their platform

Petition for Youtube to fix their platform

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Started by Shenic Kiryu

Youtube has been full of issues and as time goes by, it only seems to get worse. Problems such as bots in the comment section, cut in views, excessive amount of ads, not receiving notifications, easily exploitable copyright claim system and the recent removal of the dislike button are some of the worst problems that affect the viewer and the content creator's experience with Youtube.

Instead of fixing these problems, Youtube insists on addressing less relevant things like the color of the like button.

With this petition I hope Youtube can pay attention to what their community deserves:

  • Bring back the dislike button, as it's a tool that can help avoid scams, for example
  • Fix the views counter. Content creators rely on it to understand what people enjoy watching, it's important that it stays accurate
  • Fix the bot issue, or at least make it easier for content creators to deal with them. Nobody wants to upload a video or make a stream and be swarmed by dozens of bots in the comments
  • Make it harder to claim content as yours. Bad faith people shouldn't be able to exploit the platform and claim some content as theirs just like that. It's illegal and Youtube shouldn't allow it


13 have signed. Let’s get to 25!