Ask Google Maps to rectify Mulgaon area marked as Ali Villa

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The area called "Mulgaon" which is a part of Vasai is wrongly named as "Ali Villa" on Google Maps. Our address is an integral part of our identity to the outside world and considering the popularity of Google Maps, the address seen on Maps, is a part of that identity too.
We the people of Mulgaon request Google to rectify the name of our area as "Mulgaon" or merge it with the already existing "Mulgaon" tag. The existing Mulgaon tag has incorrect boundaries which could be corrected as well.
Some requests sent earlier were rejected by Google as they were sent by single pupils and thus did not have proof of trust. This petition after being signed by all of you would prove as a proof that the request can be trusted. Help to rectify your online address by signing this petition now!

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