Restore command in new version of Gmail: "View recent e-mails with this contact"

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"I use this about 100 times a day. If it was removed, than this version is a downgrade instead of an upgrade."

"Just that made me go back to the old GMail for now."

"This very useful feature that I use 10 times everyday has been removed."

"Ugh. I use that more than anything."

"This was not a smart move. I used this daily - multiple times."

"Miss that button for "all emails from contact"! Used it several times daily!"

"I moved back to classic gmail because I use this FEATURE VERY VERY OFTEN, and agreed with all of you above."

"Adding my vote to bring back the feature. Disappointing to see that Google either doesn't understand it's users or has a hidden agenda."

From the Gmail Forum.