YouTube, Take Immediate Action Against Logan Paul

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We the people of the internet demand swift and immediate action taken against the YouTuber Logan Paul based on his recent infringement of the YouTube terms of service.

On December 31st, Logan Paul uploaded a video to his vlogging channel (later manually deleted due to overwhelming backlash) with the title "We found a dead body in the japanese suicide forest...". In that video, he shows himself and his friends stumbling across a dead body, filming the dead body up close, all the meanwhile laughing and making jokes at the expense of the man hanging in front of them. 

After the popular YouTuber started receiving large amounts of backlash on his video, he took it down and issued two apology statements. In the video he used the cover of trying to bring awareness to suicide prevention. If you watched the video though, that was not the case when he repetidly made jokes about death and suicide while standing next to the hanging body. 

Logan Paul's video is a clear violation of the YouTube Terms of Service on real depictions of graphic or violent content (read here) and the whole time this video was still uploaded, there was radio silence by YouTube. YouTube still has not taken action against Logan's channel, and by signing this petition we are going to be taking a stand and showing YouTube that some YouTuber's do not get special immunity over others!  

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