Youtube, stop censoring trans creators!

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For many trans people YouTube is one of their major resources.
Here they may find people they can identify with for the first time in their lives and explore their gender in a safe space.

Lately however many transgender creators have experienced some serious issues with their content being demonetized, age restricted, and even deleted by YouTube. Almost all attempts to appeal those decisions have been denied.

One of those creators is Chase Ross, a sociologist who has been making YouTube videos for almost 12 years and has reached an audience of close to 150.000 subscribers. His videos mostly consist of educational videos for trans masculine individuals, including, but not exclusively, reviews of prothetics to alleviate dysphoria.
He also has a series on his channel to explain transgender topics to cis people (people that are not trans themselves).
In addition to that Chase talks openly about his struggles with his transition and with mental illness, about body positivity, diversity in the trans community, and a lot more.
Those videos can be vital to the self discovery and mental health of especially young trans people. Therefore age restricting them not only endangers transgender children, but also erases their identity and portrays trans identities as something forbidden and shameful.
As of late Chase has received one strike on his channel for a comedic video that he uploaded five years ago. When a channel has three strikes it gets deleted.
That would be incredibly tragic since Chase's videos are by far some of the best researched and best executed resources for the trans masculine community that are currently available. Those information are necessary for especially young trans people and those early in their transition to survive in a ciscentric world.

Another creator that has been affected by this is Ty Turner who has been on YouTube for almost 10 years and currently has almost 200.000 subscribers.
Similarly to Chase Ross he documented and continues to document his entire transition on his YouTube channel.
He also posts workout routines and numerous other types of videos (such as inspirational videos, life updates, etc.)
Just like Chase he has faced increased demonetization and age restrictions on his videos in the last months until finally receiving a strike on a vlog in which he renews his medically prescribed testosterone prescription. Luckily his appeal did come through, but his other videos remain age restricted.

Both Chase and Ty are fulltime creators who have had serious troubles affording to keep up their work since their videos get demonetized more. This is a serious problem.
That their videos are being age restricted and therefore being kept from those people that need them the most is incredibly frustrating.

Finally there was the channel of transthetics, a company which creates prothetics for trans masculine individuals to alleviate dysphoria. On their channel they presented those prothetics and explained how they worked.
Again, having access to information about the products out there to help eleviate dysphoria is incredibly vital to transgender individuals.
However, in the beginning of May the channel was completely deleted by YouTube giving the company no chance to save their content. Their appeal was denied.

Many videos showing prothetics for trans masculine people are being age restricted with the excuse that they would be showing nudity. When we look at YouTubes community guidelines however we can see that it says that "a video that contains nudity or other sexual content may be allowed if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic, and it isn’t gratuitously graphic." That being said being said none of the videos in question show actual nudity and almost all prothetics that are being shown are not to be used in any sexual content.

There also does appear to be an algorithm in place that automatically demonetizes videos with trans topics in a lot of cases.

YouTube does already have a history of censoring LGBTQ+ creators, especially in the last couple of years. If you believe that transgender creators should get a chance to share their stories and, even more importantly, that trans people of all ages should get a chance to access the information they need please sign this petition and share it with as many people as you can. Make your voices heard, contact your favorite youtuber to talk about this issue, etc.

Here are the videos by the before mentioned creators describing their situations:

Chase Ross:
Ty Turner:
Transthetics (on their new channel):

If you are a creator that has been affected by this or if you know of any other creator (especially on the trans feminine or non binary spectrum) that has please feel free to contact me on twitter (@itslukemott) or via email ( and I will add the information above.