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Reinstate The Chadd Sinclair Youtube Channel!

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I have started this petition to get my youtube channel Chadd Sinclairback from youtube which was terminated recently.


My name is Chadd Sinclair, I suffer from ptsd, anxiety and severe depression.When I came across youtube and creating videos it literally helped me over come my problems. So for the last 4 years I have spent every day and night creating and uploading videos to youtube, which include my skateboard career, videos of friends and family, videos of my dog, videos of my vacations and community events/ skateboarding contests, daily vlogs, unboxings and giving back to the community and recently creating tutorials teaching kids on how to skateboard.

I have uploaded a total of 1674 videos which I have put my heart, soul as well lots of time and effort into these.

Youtube not only help me cope with my issues by getting me out of the house to film various videos but it actually helped me bond with other people through out the world. I have many fans which I like to consider not fans but actually my friends.

Recently my channel has been terminated with no reason at all other then not following the community guidelines. I have followed all the community guidelines for the past 4 years and continued to do so and have no Idea why my channel has been terminated. When I have contacted youtube about this they can't give me a specific reason for termination, If I had a chance to fix what ever problem caused this I would have right away, the last thing I wanted is for my videos to be deleted. Also there policy states you should get a warning then next step would be a 30 day suspension then after you will get terminated while I didn't get any of that but termination. Even when I asked just to get my videos back youtube stated this was not possible at all and even getting my account back was not possible.

When I found out my channel was terminated with all my videos I was devastated, all my videos of everything gone it actually made me cry and felt utterly hopeless and useless. It actually caused me major depression again and I felt like giving up on everything. All my cherished memories, all that hard work, All those videos of all the great times I had with friends or family of events, my skateboarding career, my vacations all gone.

My life was based on youtube and youtube was my life.

My friends and family and everyone who supported me are completely frustrated and confused about my channel being terminated since I always followed community guidelines.

This petition isn't just about me, but for everyone who's YouTube account was terminated without a response and had all of their videos removed with no option to save them to their computer.

Youtube doesn't realize that us youtubers base our lives off of filming and creating videos which take tons of time, hard work and effort. We literally put our love and soul into our work. It give's us a way to interact with other people from all around the world. Also helps us with our problems like it did with me and my anxiety/ severe depression and ptsd and making friends.

If this happened to me it can easily happen to you!

So please bring back my channel and give others the hope to get there channels back as well!



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