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YouTube: Make Clear Concise Guidelines for Creators.

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As a content creator, I speak for many when I say the Shady demonetizing of creators videos has to stop. I understand clearly Inappropriate videos being demonetized such as terrorism propaganda or racism, however demonetizing podcasts for using a single curse word or a gamer for playing a video game depicting violence is nothing more than unnecessary censorship. If you find it so necessary to demonetize certain videos, you should at the very least give creators a very clear set of guidelines to look at when creating so to avoid demonetization. By constantly demonetizing but not having any guidelines, your are ruining peoples lively hood, taking food out of kids mouths and preventing bills from getting paid. Very family-friendly videos getting demonetized because they break one of your obscure unspoken rules is ridiculous. Please fix this. Please at the very least give us guidelines. And please do it soon. You're creators, the people who make you money, and your viewers who do the same, deserve transparency.

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