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Petitioning Google Inc., YouTube LLC

Categorize the MRM as flaggable for terrorism/promoting hate on YouTube.

The "Men's Rights Movement" (MRM), and Men's Rights Activists (MRAs), are becoming prevalent throughout the YouTube community with their videos and general content, and in doing so, are spreading not only their anti-female agenda, but a mass amount of hateful, misogynistic, harmful, indoctrinating and fallacious propaganda as well. 

The presence of their videos and content, which serve as blatant attempts to denigrate and vilify women and their accomplishments, and to indoctrinate women, men and children into believing hateful lies, are creating a space on YouTube that is no longer acceptable or safe for anyone - Female, male, child, adult, et cetera. 

The operations of their organization, which frequently involves engaging in orchestrating mass harassment campaigns and illegal activity, such as posting the personal information of private citizens on hateful websites, slandering and libeling them, in particular women, in order to cause them distress and or to ruin their lives, is proof enough that they are nothing more than an outfit of terrorism and bigotry, which promotes violence and abuse, and this can no longer be seen as acceptable on YouTube. 

The Men's Rights Movement, while claiming to be for the betterment of both sexes, wishes for nothing more than to diminish the accomplishments of women, to vilify women, and to set women back by harassing them into silence, along with placing them in danger through their actions, which they openly admit are illegal. 

Please sign this petition in order to have anything and everything that is Anti-Feminist and Anti-Woman, and also related to advocacy of the "Men's Rights Movement", defaulted as terrorism, or promotional of hatred and violence, so that the content may be flagged and removed from YouTube as it should be. Or, if nothing else, to send a message to the MRM, so that they know that this conduct is not appropriate.

Note: The current goal is 5,000 signatures. If we can reach that, I will raise the goal to 10,000, and so forth - so that, perhaps, YouTube might actually pay attention to something that needs to be done.

Female and male content creators and viewers should not be harassed and demoralized on a daily basis by MRAs for having pro-female and or pro-feminist views and content, and vicious propaganda should not be allowed to be spread by a known hate and openly terroristic organization.

Their ruse of being an "egalitarian, but slightly more pro-male" movement can no longer stand as a means of allowing their content to remain, if they are using it to spread hate speech, or to harass and harm others.

They have proven themselves time and time again to be anything but egalitarian, and they should not be able to use YouTube as an outlet or a platform for propaganda, indoctrination, misogyny and hate speech against women and girls in general.

On a final note, this organization has been labeled by both the National Organization for Women, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, as a hate group, and their unhindered attempts at reversing all of the accomplishments of women and feminism cannot be left unchecked.

This is not about censorship, it is about keeping YouTube a safe space for everyone, free of hate speech, terrorism and propaganda.


Thank you.

YouTube should be safe for all people.

Letter to
Google Inc., YouTube LLC
Please categorize any hateful Anti-Feminist and or Anti-Woman content or videos related to and or made by anyone involved with the hate organization, the Men's Rights Movement, as flaggable for terrorism and or promoting hatred and violence on YouTube, by default, as you would with any other known hate organization, so that the website remains safe for all people to use to create content and comment on.