YouTube,Give Me Back My Account Which You Suspended For No Reason.

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So On The 21st Of February Around 5pm IST, I Receive 2 Mails From Youtube. 1st States That One Of My Video Has Been Removed and I Get a Community Strike. 2nd States That My Account Has Been SUSPENDED Because I Violated YouTube's Community  Guidelines.

According To YouTube's Rules and Regulations, One's Account / Channel Doesn't Get Suspend With Only 1 COMMUNITY STRIKE. So, I Disputed The Supension And Filled The Form. Yesterday, I Get a Reply From Youtube Stating That They've Still Kept My Account Suspend Under Spam.

They Say That I've used Bots and Automated Systems To Get Views And Subscribers. Whereas The Reality is I Have No Idea What Is This All About !

Therefore, I Request Youtube to bring back My Account And I PROMISE THEM THAT I WILL NOT VIOLATE ANY GUIDELINES OR THEIR TOS.


Lakshay LM Nation43 

my Email -