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YouTube Adpocolypse

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Have you ever asked why certain Youtubers have pulled away from YouTube?  Many companies are pulling away from YouTube, because Google has implemented new systems and guidelines that regulate what videos are "family friendly," and therefore, "advertiser friendly".  As a result, every Youtuber, both big and small, has had nearly all their videos demonetized. This means the videos they make no longer generate money.

A lot of Youtubers have built their very livelihoods on YouTube. They've come to depend on the revenue they receive to pay for everyday expenses like food, clothes, bills, etc.  But with the way YouTube is now, video uploads will quickly dwindle away. Many YouTubers already have put the popular video sharing platform aside or have even quit their careers entirely because they no longer make an acceptable living wage.

The system and guidelines need to change if YouTube and its content creators are to overcome this.  Perhaps it's time the internet communities across the globe sent a message that will grab Google's and YouTube's attention. Yes it will be a bit difficult to accomplish, but with enough influence from the people, YouTube cannot ignore the community.  This might not be the best proposal, but it may just be our best weapon to against the social media giant.  

I am proposing a three day boycott of watching any any all YouTube videos or unsubscribing from YouTube Red. This action will most drastically drop view counts for all videos on the site forcing a review of what is happening.  This means no money goes into YouTube's pocket.  With this "Act of God", the company will have received the message loud and clear that YouTubers will not be bullied out of their careers because the content doesn't meet perfection.  

Will you help me force them to listen to the people? Together will have hit them where it hurts: in their wallets.  Together, if "We the people" get involved, a date for this momentous worldwide event can be set and free our voices from a totalitarian watch dog.

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