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Why no one is willing to stop deadly game Blue Whale ?

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Hi Everyone,

Every now and then we are listening to the news that deadly blue whale game challenge is causing so many deaths and making people to die. Recently one boy in Shimla - Theog committed suicide because of this Blue Whale Game. I am not sure how such kind of game can be made and launched on platform like Apple, Google, Windows. People are dying and we are still not able to stop the content related search on major search engines.

We can find wikipedia page even for such stupid game challenge which is named as deadly blue whale challenge. I want all search engines to stop showing any information related to blue whale game challenge. 

Action against the developer of such nonsense game/challenge shall also be taken and these culprits must be behind the bars. They are making innocents to commit suicide by trapping them in nonsense challenges.

I just googled and found lot many pages, websites about blue whale challenge and even Wikipedia page is also available

Even I found one blogger also writing about 50 recently updated challenges

And here is a news about the 11 year kid who just lost his life on Sept 13th 2017 because of this.

We all need to raise our voice otherwise this can happen in any family. Looking forward from all the people to spread the message and let us stand against this.

Puneet Verma

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