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This petition is now against You Tube policy of mass-terminations

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I spent hundreds of hours creating content to You Tube, til one day without any warnings i was permanently terminated! Letters i received from them were shallow and non of them explained witch parts in what videos were violating their terms. I kindly asked about it in 10-20 different letters, so i would have a chance to re-edit everything. No answers, no solutions, no videos! I asked to get my content back since i had no other copies (my own fault). Same happened. Shallow answers, no solutions, no videos!

I looked into it and found out that thousands of people go through same trouble as me. Lucky ones get everything back but You Tube will not ever reveal why this happened in the first place. Not so lucky ones, like me, are "left in space". How could i start again when i did not learn  what to change? I am afraid to get terminated again.

After reading every possible agreement that they had, i had more questions than answers. I still found nothing even remotely close to my videos from there. 

There are people out there who have lost more than me...some may lose years of work. Every person can lose their career in You Tube in the matter of seconds. Some eager content creators, like me, can´t even get off the ground before getting terminated. I feel empty, sad and devastated inside, having lost all my work and future perspective. All my goals and hopes were destroyed. This has to stop!

GOOD NEWS is, that i got my channel on 24-th of February.

NEW GOAL: This petition is now against You Tube policy of mass-terminations and  too narrow  of content creating freedom. I think that 3 strikes for permanent termination is ridiculous and content must be available for re-editing at all times.

* Channel must be accessible for the owner of channel at all times. Even if suspended for viewers.

* Proper explanation must be given when something is out of order and reasonable time-frame to remove the errors.

* Channel must be unlocked for viewers when issues with videos have been fixed and specialist from You Tube team has approved them.



I thank You sincerely!

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