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take down Logan Paul’s channel.

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What if you were a family of a recently killed person or suicide, then a fucking vlogger goes and films them for views or money. What should you feel, if it was your brother, mom, dad or sister, or even your friends. 

This is what a vlogger named Logan did, he went to the suicide rain forest in Japan and filmed a fucking dead guy. Today, I want this channel to be taken down. He has done other things, I’m sure people will know about. Fucking kids watch these videos, this whole goddamn world watches youtube. 

This world is influenced off of youtube and the Internet. Kids are learning  inappropriate words, things and much more. Last week, I found a kid (a 4 year old) watching this Jeffy channel and hitting his private part and swearing. I’m not trying to say Logan paul does that but it’s sort of like it. 

Kids watch these videos, kids look up to these peoples, these kids will become world leaders, doctors and much more. What will that world look like, dark times are coming. Steps have to be taken, join me and let’s fight the chaos on the Internet.

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