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Stop YouTube unfairly demonetising videos for no reason based on advertiser preference

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My first song I've ever uploaded onto YouTube got marked as 'not suitable for most advertisers' for no perceivable reason whatsoever. It's literally just lyricless music. The best bit? They won't consider reviewing it manually until I get over 1000 views in the space of 7 days and I think that's absolutely ridiculous. I don't make a big earning (at all) out of YouTube but those who rely on it could be seriously burned by a period of no revenue on a big video. In fact, that's already happening.

In the YouTube sphere, many YouTubers are having a sour taste left in their mouth by YouTube unfairly taking away their income based on false accusations that their videos might have something 'advertiser unfriendly' in them.

If this keeps happening, people are going to start flocking from YouTube and the thriving community based on Internet video where creators get paid fairly for what they make is going to go away. No one wants that.

YouTube needs to come to better agreements with advertisers and everyone involved needs to understand the massive potential wasted if YouTube was to stop serving its creators properly and they were to leave.

Please sign and share this petition if you care about the role YouTube plays in our societies across the world and the connecting factor it has for us all.

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