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As surprising as it may seem, there are tons of pro-suicide websites, chat rooms, blogs, forums, etc. Pro-suicide entails information on how to kill yourself, why you should kill yourself, different ways to inflict pain upon yourself, the list goes on. In 2002, a boy named Tim was found after he committed suicide. The police had taken his computer for evidence. What they found shocked and angered the boys family. It was found that the night before his death, all Tim did was search the word "suicide" and he was harshly greeted with more than many websites encouraging him to take his life. His father stated that he does believe Tim's depression had a large role in his suicide, but he also believes that Tim might have had more thought's to seek out friends or family members if he hadn't found those websites. While just looking up "pro suicide" I found an overly high amount of terrible results. Some questions along the lines of "why is suicide good?" On one website their was pages and pages of different ways to commit suicide and why they are good options. We could be saving lives with an easy fix. If you were troubled with thoughts of no longer feeling like you need to live, what would help you feel more needed and more open to seek help.. finding reasons and ways to end it all or finding reasons and ways to go different routes to change your mind? Suicide is never an answer. It should never be put into a child's mind, or anyone for that matter, that killing yourself is the best way to solve things. There is always a better way and I'm trying to make sure everyone out there does not have the opportunity to be pushed into taking their own life.

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