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Stop Politicians from Gerrymandering

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Gerrymandering: U.S. Politics. The dividing of a state, county, etc., into election districts so as to give one political party a majority in many districts while concentrating the voting strength of the other party into as few districts as possible.


Essentially this allows a politician to redistrict an area to benifit them and disadvantage minorities and the other party. This is done by Republicans mainly and much more blatantly over the last decade. However Democrats do this as well.


My goal and point of this petition is to make it illegal for all politicians from drawing district lines. The only purpose a politician has drawing district lines, is to draw their lines to get themselves votes. But the people are suppose to vote for the politicians not the politicians drawing in their votes.


So one way to simply do this would be to give the entire USA to a company that we all know and trust and can not be bought. This example I will use Google. If we gave the district line drawing contract to google, they could use their massive data base they already have and have a few people use modern technology to redistrict line quickly and efficiently with no political interests. We use Google maps all the time, it will be simply incorporated into Google maps. You will be able to click a button that simply says on/off, this will allow you to see your district and all districts around you. 


The second way to do this would be to create a company that sole purpose is to draw the district lines. They would be bipartisan and have no political views. Their would be a centralized website with all changes clearly marked. All new changes would be at the top of the website. You can easily click your state then your county and then your district. This would allow the people to see all changes and essentially the people would be the oversight. 


So if you are tired of politicians stealing votes by changing what district votes for them, by simply drawing new lines. Then sign this petition and get it illegal for politicians to draw their wins. We the people are the bosses of politicians not the other way around. 

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