Show uninstall count in google play store for save natural and internet resources.

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Dear Supporters,

Today there is only install or download count and users reviews showing in google play store when we are downloading android apps,games etc.

We most of the android users are make decision of download based upon what is installs count and reviews mention in play store but it is not enough to make judgement because same time many users uninstall apps,games etc due their bad user experience or usability.

If google play store will start showing uninstall count also in additional information section for their all categories which will really helpful to all android users for making right decision before install and avoid wastage of natural and internet resources which is used in the behind for running google play store.

When you download mobile app from the internet, many computers are involved- your mobile and the server of the google play store from which you are downloading,are usually thought to be involved. But, when you exchange data on the internet, many servers of your ISP, transmission towers, many servers of the website host's ISP,
and several intermediate machines are involved. Now, the energy each of these machines consume in transmitting your 1 MB of data is quite small, but still it counts.

Much energy does it use? How much does it cost; and who pays for it?
Our major finding is that the Internet uses an average of about 5 kWh to support the utilization of every GB of data, which equates to about $0.51 of energy costs. Only 38% of those costs are borne by the end-user, while the remaining costs are thinly spread over the global
Internet through which the data travels; in switches, routers, signal repeaters, servers, and data
centers. This creates a societal “tragedy of the commons,” where end
users have little incentive to consider the other 62% of costs and associated resources.

Data usage on the internet is estimated to be 20,151 PetaBytes per month (Cisco 2011).This is equivalent to 241 billion GB per year. Applying these figures to the average power estimate yields a figure of 5 kWh per GB. Assuming an average electricity cost of $0.10-US per kWh (EIA 2012), this equates to a system energy cost of data at $0.51 per GB.
This means that 5 MB android app can download for energy costs of only $0.003. These costs are thinly spread
among the various network nodes that it touches.

There is energy used by the Internet to deliver apps,games,books etc to your mobile device.Raise awareness that download mobile app have energy usage associated with them

So I am requesting to all the people who cares about the android users and mother earth should be sign and support this petition.

Thanking you.