Save the Google Play Music App and Service!

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*Google Is Trying To Replace the 'Play Music'  app, store and service with YouTube Music - an inferior product with less features and the requirement  to PAY a subscription fee in order to download MUSIC YOU ALREADY OWN!

In May 2018, YouTube announced a new version of the YouTube Music service, including a web-based desktop player and redesigned mobile app - Google, parent company of YouTube decided in June 2018 to announce plans to shut down Play Music and offer subscribers to migrate to YouTube Music. Since May 2020, users are able to move their music collections, personal taste preferences and playlists to YouTube Music.

There are problems with this.

1. Users are required to Manually transfer all of their music library including Albums, Songs and Playlists over to YouTube Music which according to many reports online has been a painstakingly stressful process.   

2. Users will be required to PAY to have access to download songs that they have ALREADY purchased prior within Google Play Music. (Unless you download your entire library to you PC before Google cuts off access. YouTube has already posted videos explaining that the "YouTube Music Premium" tier allows you to download music "for offline playing". This is the same tactic that Apple uses and it seems that Google is following suit. (If you ever tried to Download Apple Music to listen to the iTunes library that you OWN, you quickly found you had ti Subscribe to Apple Music.)

3. The user interface works more like a video website (ala Youtube) than a dedicated purpose built audio/music play and YouTube Music users have already complained about Ui/UX issues. (i.e. Slow, clunky, etc.)

4. The Store in Google Play Music is a REAL digital audio purchase store unlike whatever YouTube Music has going. It works very well. 

5. YouTube Music will not allow you to play music in the background - or with your device's screen off without paying a subscription fee.

I personally have been using Google Play Music since 2011 (that's 9 years!) and I have built up a very extensive catalog of music! I have a separate smartphone that I have dedicated just as a Digital Audio Player to integrate into a Hi-Fi set-up. This is a beloved Music Player that literally Millions ( if not billions considering Android's reach around the world) people use.  I have purchased 80% of the music I have on Play Music and the music I have not purchased were free promotional copies. This is MY Music. I Own It. 

If Google/YouTube want to to operate YouTube Music parallel or alongside Google Play Music, That's fine.  But please, GOOGLE SAVE PLAY MUSIC and and ALL associated services including playlists, wish lists, and all functions as it stands now. Thank You!

I created this at 5:47am so forgive my brevity and/or grammatical errors. I had to produce this as soon as possible. 

-Chris W Kelley

Port St. Lucie, FL