Rollback the UI overhaul in Android P to what it looked like In Oreo. (8.0/8.1)

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I woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise seeing that Google had released a developer preview to Android P. Fairly enthusiastically I opened the article (found here) and now the rest of my day/week/month/year has gone for a toss. I will explain my issues with it in detail.

  1. ) The status bar and quicksettings:  The statusbar looks disturbingly similar to iOS's Control centre which lacks originality and just plainly looks horrible.
  2. ) The settings menu: Where do I start? The apparent "colourful" icons now looks like one of those typical overdone Android skins that stock Android enthusiasts (like myself) avoid as much as possible and prefer the more cleaner and material design. However, if these colourful blobs are going to be part of the new stock android, we have nowhere to go.
  3. ) Expand quick settings tiles are gone: Yes, you heard it right. We've lost the ability to expand any qs (quick settings) tile. So for example, if i wanted to connect to a different WiFi network or a different bluetooth device, i could do it from the status bar itself. Now however, I'd have to go all the way into settings to do that.

Even though I'm ranting about this (and continue to do so for quite sometime), there are some very nice changes that Google has made that include:

  • Volume buttons default adjust media volume
  • Screenshot editor by default
  • Media and usb dialogs now look more material and are shifted to the right of the screen instead of the top
  • Text selection zoom
  • Adaptive brightness changes base brightness
  • Hotspot turns off if no devices connected

and more (read here)

The only part that I'm against is the "new material design" which is far from material and looks horrible, and secondly,a blatant copy of iOS's control centre in the quicksettings. I've had it with Android copying iOS. First the headphone jack, then the absolutely pointless notch, and now this.

While some essential and useful changes have been made, please, for God's sake (if not for Stock Android lovers' sake) have a heart Google, and retain the classic material design.


The biggest Stock Android enthusiast you'll find who's probably not going to upgrade from Oreo anytime soon.


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