Revert the Android 12 WiFi toggle that is very inconvenient

Revert the Android 12 WiFi toggle that is very inconvenient

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Started by Romit Machado

Android 12 launched recently with the latest Pixel phones. We expected great things from this version. True, many of the features were a nice improvement. But one of the most important features was messed up.

The individual WiFi and Cellular Data toggles were merged into one 'Internet' tile. This increased the number of touches and swipes required to turn WiFi/Cellular Data On or Off. Many users turn Off WiFi when going to bed or traveling. Many turn Cellular Data On and Off only when required. Many power users find it very convenient to have the freedom to quickly toggle WiFi/ Cellular Data On or Off.

The new update does the opposite of what a 'Quick Menu' was meant to do. Many users are resorting to tampering with code to correct this feature, some are also using 3rd party apps.

Online forums are abuzz with how this new feature wasn't given even a bit of thought from a user perspective. Google came out with a response which assumed that most people turn off WiFi to be able to connect to Cellular Data . There are billions of people in the world and they assumed all users are the same and this has inconvenienced everyone. But even if we assume altruistic motives why is the toggle spread accross two ends of the screen??? There are much better ways to implement this feature.

I trust we can support this petition and get Google to undo this erroneous feature and bring back the good old Individual toggles for WiFi and Cellular Data.


105 have signed. Let’s get to 200!