Restoring JetCrew videos

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4th May 2018 most JetCrew videos have been removed without any warnings to the authors of the videos.

The videos have been removed because of EduBirdie, which supposedly helps people cheat in schools. The creators advertised this site due to support, without knowledge of the consequences that may befall them.

JetCrew promised to edit the videos so that all content advertising EduBirdie was removed from the videos. Give them second chance.

I take care because JetCrew is my 1st favorite youtubers. Their videos have a positive impact on my well-being. They make my depressive states less sensible. For me they are the best YouTubers, although they do not exceed one million subscriptions.

If this petition won, JetCrew will get a chance to edit videos for removing bad advertisement. (Videos don't need to be avaliable public, only for creators due to the moment, where boys will remove wrong part of videos) This will make 880K people happier, it will help the boys to function normally on Youtube.


Also I believe that I'm writing this petition on behalf of all JetCrew viewers.

Your sincerely

Grzegorz Renc (grzes4000)


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