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Restore UkeTube channel

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UkeTube established in February 2007 and has been operating on YouTube for almost eight years uploading original videoes with historical, educational, and cultural content. In 2014, Russia has invaded Ukraine and Kremlin has a technical army launching online assaults in an information war. Russian soldiers published a 'trophy' video online - they recorded actual event of a Ukrainian soldier being interrogated and denied aid by the producers of the video which YouTube cited as being copyright protected. UkeTube shared the video evidence online to create awareness of grave and serious war crime. YouTube zealously terminated the long-standing, reputable UkeTube channel without giving any warning to its owner. All video archives, an estimate of 1,636 videoes are now lost to the owner, William Szuch. If UkeTube could be terminated without notice, then we all are vulnerable to such politically-targeted censorship. Should we ask that dead Ukrainian soldier if we can share the video on which he is the featured subject? Tragically, we can not ask him because he was mortally wounded and was laying dying on the ground suffering in pain, bloodied, thirsty and humiliated and I just can not even articulate the depths of hell from which the producers of that video came. No way in the world should they, evidently war criminals, be granted any privilege of copyright. It's horrendously outrageous! I understand that YouTube has a heavy burden to enforce strict policy protecting copyrights. Absolutely! I don't question that. But this is a video of war crime. Ever since UkeTube shared that video, the source video 'mysteriously' and 'coincidentally' disappeared from its original online. We must appeal to YouTube and appeal even more broadly to Google to reverse its insensitive ruling which ruled in favor of undeserved copyright privilege over recognizing basic human rights. Apparently, Google even disregarded the basic human dignity of that dying Ukrainian soldier from Lutsk, Ukraine. #RestoreUkeTube 

( note:  slight edit to the petition to reflect corrected date UkeTube established as a channel on YouTube and to specify a closer estimate of the number of original video productions uploaded by UkeTube. -der )

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