Requesting to google, add Odia language text to speech for google TTS engine app.

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Adding Odia Google TTS, (text to speech) for google TTS engine would
be a great help
for visually impaired people of Odisha.

Odia language is read, spoken and written by a large number of people
not only in Odisha, but also its usage is spread worldwide. It is our
misfortune that there is no Text-To-Speech on any platform to read
Odia language.

A large number of people are visually impaired, and depends either on
their mobiles or computers for their job and studies related activity.
Further absence of Odia TTS,  debars them to interact and execute
their work with Odia language.

In a nutshell  a big number of population are not able to read their
native language due to non-availability
 of supportive text-to-speech engine and OCR designed by Google.

Google is currently extending their android TTS by adding world
languages. Even in this context i want to add that  they have added
Hindi and Bengali language recently.
So it is our request,  to Google Inc to  pay a kind attention, towards
another largely spoken, and sixth classical language of India,"Odia".

 It will be of immense  help for the visually impaired community. At
the age of rapid technological progress this demand is so urgent and
time bound.

Few important things about Odia language:

Odia is a language with rich literature and special identity. This
language is very much  closer to Sanskrit language. It has its own
specific script which is 3000 years old.

Again I repeat with utmost submission that Odia literature is very
rich and abundantly associated
with ancient mythological religious thoughts. That apart its presence
can be felt in International diaspora literature,  which has hidden
moral and humanitarian messages unknown to world communities.
The Odia are well settled world wide. Moreover, tourists from far off
places, regularly visiting Odisha to know about its, oldest culture,
temple's architect, and enjoy its unique tourist destination.
So it is a request, for making Odia text to speech engine with
original human voice to Google Administration, undersigned by
supporters and beneficiaries.

Hope your better self shall look into this matter and spread it to
make this mission a  successful one.
An early action on this regard is highly solicited.