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Remove Logan Paul from Youtube due to abhorrent suicide Japan Suicide Forest video.

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On December 31st, 2017, famed youtube vlogger Logan Paul posted a video detailing his recent visit to Japan. This video started off as no more than a testament to Mr. Paul's gross misunderstanding of Japanese culture and society norms but soon turned into a nightmare as he went to explore Aokigahara (Known as the Suicide Forest). The video then showed, clearly and without any form of censorship, courtesy, or shred of respect a hanging man in the forest. Mr. Paul proceeded to turn the moment into a mockery of a PSA for suicide prevention, however it clear by the posting of the video in question, such action was done merely as lip service. This video remained on the site for 24 hours and garnered approximately 6 MILLION views before being taken down.

Mr. Pauls posting of that video was many things; Horrific, Callous, Oblivious, and Moronic are a few that come to mind, but I argue for one word in particular: Damaging. This video wasn't just a mistake, it was 6 million people being exposed to the damaging images of suicide. It was showing a man who took his own life off to 6 million people. It was a mockery of anyone who has had to deal with suicide in their family, or had to contest with suicidal thoughts. This was also damaging to Youtube as a platform which allowed the video to stand for 24 hours both publicly, and from a business standpoint considering its current tenuous status with advertisers.

In short: Logan Paul posted this video solely for the views, and instead caused 6 million people to witness a dead man and traumatized his family. He also has caused a black mark for Youtube as a platform.

I hereby petition for Logan Paul's immediate removal from the site as it is clear that he lacks the sensitivity and responsibility to be trusted with the influence of his subscriber base. By removing him from the site, this will set a precedent that major breaches of the Youtube community guidelines will be dealt with swiftly even if said creator holds a major subscriber base. In the interest of youtube's integrity and for public safety I urge you to remove this man from the platform.

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