Remove Essie Berry's Slanderous and Defaming YouTube Channel

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  1.  Essie Berry uses her YouTube channel to voice physical harm and death treats to other YouTube followers, Celebrities, and Celebrity's Family Members. Example: "I will drag you off the face of this earth"  " I will be hiding in your front bushes allowing you to know your fate." - Essie Berry
  2. Essie Berry incites and promotes her followers to create ideas and situations that can manifest gun violence and domestic terrorism to various courthouses in the United States. See PatriciaMcAll comments on this video.
  3. Essie Berry continually uses her YouTube Channel to break the law by violating Court Orders and Retraining Orders. Essie has stated in many videos she is aware of the Gag orders. Please see around the timestamp 6:22.      At time stamp 1:40 Essie claims she unsealed the documents:
  4. Essie Berry violated Wynton Harvey and Michelle Alexander's HIPPA rights with Geneva McClain on a live video on Geneva's Closett  YouTube Channel. Geneva McClain read sealed court ordered document given to her by Essie Berry containing sensitive police and medical information that was investigated and found to be false. On that very same video they spoke of Michelle Alexander child abuse in great detail. Neither parties, Essie Berry or Geneva McClain of Geneva's Closett obtained Mr. Wynton Harvey or Ms. Michelle Alexander's permission to disclose this information in a YouTube video.
  5. Essie Berry repeatedly uses her YouTube channel to voice racist hate speech against Steve Harvey calling him a "N-Word". It is said repeatedly in several of her videos, however the example below it starts at around or about the 2:21 time stamp.
  6. Essie Berry uses her YouTube channel to expose innocent people's address which places innocent people and their families in imminent danger. She has not confirmed that on her obsessive hunt for Celebrity Steve Harvey, if he still owns the property at the addresses she is saying belongs to him. This places innocent families in danger as well as Mr. Harvey's family if this is their resident
  7. Essie Berry continues to use her YouTube channel to make false allegations and unfounded claims against County Court Houses, Judges, Lawyers, Police Departments(Columbus, GA and McKinney, TX, and Plano, TX) and YouTube followers.

  8. Essie Berry uses her YouTube channel to consistently violate YouTube guidelines by harassing, defaming, slandering and inciting violence and hostility. This behavior is not protected by the First Amendment.  In Ms.Berry's most recent video whereas she blatantly stated other Youtubers, Her Sister and Steve Harvey are all colluding to harm her. This is not founded and can incite hostility that could cause bodily harm or some other form of violence against these people if she is allowed to continue to abuse her YouTube channel.

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