Remove a YouTube Guidelines Strike from User, "Toki Wo Tomato"

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On the 12th of April, the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-based YouTube content Creator, Toki Wo Tomato, received an unfair YouTube Guidelines Strike, requested by a former user named "Memes of Za Warudo", also known as Nathan - said user was contacted by Toki Wo Tomato, with permission, to record a video of their Discord call, regarding a particular controversy surrounding Nathan's compilation videos, and also filed a privacy complaint. Of course, it does not require a genius to denote that this privacy complaint, which led to Toki Wo Tomato's strike, was uncalled for, as the claimant in question gave consent beforehand.

I hope you can understand, and that you sign this petition, as to allow Toki Wo Tomato to continue producing the content that he, myself and others love.